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Finance Posts Aug 21, 2015

Getting Out of Debt

Getting Out of Debt-The Most Important Thing Twenty-eight-year-old Greg Rettich is living paycheck to paycheck because of his credit-card bills. But debt can soar because of many other reasons, such as a medical emergency, job loss or unforeseen car repairs. The most important thing Greg did was to recognize that he was in trouble and...

Finance Posts Aug 3, 2015

Debt 101

Debt 101 What You Need To Know? More and more college students today are majoring in debt. Our experts teach students a few lessons on credit cards, from attacking the bill to debt prevention. Show Synopsis “I’m the type of person that just likes to spend money regardless of if it’s for me, for you,...

Finance Posts Jul 24, 2015

Credit Report Repairs – Cleaning up the past

Credit Report Repairs – Cleaning up the past A few mistakes in the past can set the tone for your financial future. What happens when bad debt happens to good people? What can they do to repair their credit? Right on the Money! meets with Lateefah Torrence, someone who is trying to find the answer...

Finance Posts Feb 20, 2015

Debt Consolidation – The Truth

Debt Consolidation – The Truth Is debt consolidation a good thing? Not exactly. The myth about debt consolidation is that it saves you money by having less interest and one smaller payment. In reality, you haven’t really done anything to help your debt problem. Essentially, all you have done is move your debt from one...

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