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Loans Posts May 5, 2017

4 Personal Loan Mistakes to Avoid

4 Personal Loan Mistakes to Avoid Personal loans, also known as signature loans, help borrowers in many ways. Whether you’re looking to reduce your borrowing cost by transferring higher interest credit card balances or to manage your money by consolidating several other credit accounts, a personal loan may be a lower cost and easier-to-track option....

Budgeting Posts Oct 5, 2015

Building a Contemporary Home on a Budget

Many of us dream of designing a home that’s striking, comfortable and affordable. And there’s the rub — cost. Yet there has long been a movement among architects to bring high design to ordinary people by creating artistic single-family homes for small budgets. Architect Gar Hargens and his clients Peter and Julie Eigenfeld, of St....

Loans Posts Oct 1, 2015

Applying for Private Student Loans – Good or Bad Idea

With skyrocketing tuition, parents really find it difficult to afford children’s college education, just like you.  Fortunately, I can barely pay my boy’s higher education costs. However, many families have to rely on private student loans to help them finish college. Can you think of any benefits related to private student loans? When other forms...

Budgeting Posts Sep 21, 2015

Budget Decorating

The Squires want to find a way to merge their styles and decorate their home while staying within a budget. Ready to decorate your home but not sure where to start or how to pay for it? loans-advisor consults design experts for aesthetic advice for the budget decorator. Here’s a few basics: Find your own style...