About Wachovia

As a fourth-largest bank holding company for the total assets and one of the largest financial services’ providers in the U.S., Wachovia is a diversified financial services company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. This company has a long finance service history dated back to 1879. In 2008, it was acquired by Well Fargo which is one of the largest banks in North America.

Wachovia presents a wide range of financial service, including asset/wealth management and investment products and services. Moreover, its financial branches have dotted in 21 states, which provide financial solutions for millions of people and the business has reached to over 40 offices worldwide.

Loan Service

Have you ever planned to pay your house or vehicle in full cash or have you got flawless credits? If not, how can you be eligible? Wachovia may be your best choice. As a major U.S. financial institution which is connected with professional, trust and high efficiency, Wachovia boasts of a list of loans, including student loans, auto loans and personal loans tailored for natives. Up to now, its business has reached to other parts of the world to meet the needs of customers and there are branches opened in populated nations ranged from UK to Hong Kong.

Loans Types

Wachovia offers you financial aid if you have some barriers in your credits or a new financial plan. It presents various financing options tailored for your needs, which include fixed and adjustable rates. If you can not afford down payment, Wachovia can offer help with 100% financing for you. The following is representative loan types.

• Personal Loans

Wachovia presents you a special service – unsecured personal loans. It sets a high requirement for an eligible applicant with good credit scores. On condition that your credit history is not completely limited, you can get a bit high chance if your application form of personal loan is approved by all of its branches. It seems that an excellent credit score is an access for you to get personal loan from Wachovia.

• Student Loans

If you are frowning about the education financing for the new semester, search for a great option from Wachovia. In Wachovia, you can get private student loans in competitive rates. Choosing a suitable option requires you a careful comparison. Some certificates such as scholarships, grants or financial supporters are necessarily needed. For students, Wachovia do not require a payment while they are still in the studying process. Plus, online banking of managing your accounts is free.

• Auto Loans

In order to make your loan as efficient as possible, Wachovia allows $5,000 amount of minimum loan together with 24 months terms. The information of auto loans is pertaining on Wachovia’s website. You can make an easy application form on their website and an inquiry from their experts. The approval of application will be delivered to you as quickly as possible.

Wachovia Official Website: http://www.wachovia.com

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