About Union Bank

Among the 25 largest banks in the United States based on assets, Union Bank is a community bank. The commercial bank provides a variety of financial services and products to business and individuals, namely, checking and savings accounts, individual retirement accounts, certificates of deposit, home equity, mortgage, private banking, business financing, mortgage, vehicle loans as well as credit cards. What is more, the bank offers financial and investment management, global custody, trust, insurance, estate plan administration and deposit and cash management services.

Union Bank’s online banking services and telephone banking services are also available to customers, small business, middle market, corporate, trade finance as well as some other industries. All in all, it provides everything you need for your economic life.

Union Bank loans

Whether you are considering purchasing a new home or a vehicle, you can find some personal lending options from Union. The flexible terms and competitive interest rates make the bank loans enjoy a good market always. Let us take a closer look at them right away.

1. Home equity loans: The loan is a way to borrow money from Union Bank using the equity you have built up in your home as collateral. Generally speaking, home equity loans can be used for your children’s education, home improvements as well as auto purchases. As for the repayment, the loan features regular monthly payments which include both principal and interest.

2. Installment loans: Best designed for people who are planning to purchase automobiles, motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft, snowmobiles as well as ATVs and RVs. This kind of loan can be classified into two types. One is the secured loan and the other is the unsecured loan. Installment loans are helpful and efficient when you want to borrow a specific amount of money for your financial needs. The loan can be paid back through an installment or regular monthly payments.

3. Mortgages: Apart from the loans listed above, the bank also offers various mortgages to their customers, which include fixed rate mortgages and adjustable rate mortgages. The fixed rate mortgage which maintains the same interest rate during the loan term can be used for buying or refinancing your primary or vacation home. As for the adjusted rate mortgage, the initial interest rate keeps the same during the fixed rate period. But then the interest rate may go up or go down in accordance with the financial situations.

Online Banking of Union Bank

NetTeller is the main system used for Union Bank’s online banking. With the convenient, secure and efficient online banking services, all the Union Bank’s customers are able to access their account anytime, anywhere. Using Union Bank’s online banking, you can:

  •  Make an online transfer between accounts
  •  Manage your accounts securely through the internet
  •  View your check images – both front and back
  •  Download your personal account information
  •  Schedule email alerts when accounts reach self-determined balances
  •  View which checks have posted
  •  Set up recurring transfers and Union Bank loan payments
  •  View and manage your checking, savings as well as loan accounts

To sum up, the bank will be your ideal choice for managing your personal finances. No matter who you are, an individual, small business, large corporation, even municipal offices, you will be bound to be satisfied with the high quality financial products and considerate financial services of Union Bank.

Union Bank Official Website: http://www.unionbank.com

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For those of people who are just starting a small business or expanding to make the most of new chances, they might not be eligible for business loans through conventional lending channels, The SBA (Small Business Administration) has created financing loans in association with Union Bank to help small businesses owners develop and succeed.

Get Qualified for Minority-Owned Businesses Financing

Union Bank is committed to assisting minority businesses owners. It offers competitive interest rates and flexible underwriting on loans and lines of credit to minority-owned businesses. With less-restrictive lending options, Union Bank better provides customers with the financial resources to help the minority group grow their business.

EOM:A mortgage that helps low income households

Union Bank offers different types of mortgages, such as Fixed Rate Mortgages which protect customers against rising interest rates. Interest-Only Mortgages which offer more manageable and foreseeable payments in the early years. To help families balance the affordability gap and foster ownership within their communities, Union Bank launched EOM program in 1991.

What to Look out When Taking Home Mortgage Loans from Union Bank

Union Bank of California, N.A., which shortened its name to Union Bank, N.A. in 2008, is a subsidiary of the UnionBanCal Corporation which has more than $80.6 billion in assets. The modern Union Bank begins a new era in its banking history through expanding its national brand recognition and the product line of financial services.

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