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With a total asset of $172.7 billion, SunTrust Banks, Inc. is regarded as one of the leading financial services holding companies in the United States. Headquartered in Atlanta, the company operates nearly 1,700 branches that are located throughout the country. The bank’s offerings involve brokerage, investment management, mortgage banking and capital market services, etc. Besides, the flagship subsidiary – SunTrust Bank provides a wide range of financial products, including deposit, credit, trust and investment services and more.

When you are in need of some free cash or cannot pay for your new home entirely out of pocket, you can turn to SunTrust as well. Just like many other banks, SunTrust furnishes you with a full line of loan options which can help you to make ends meet, cover your college expenses or get closer to your dream home. Loans for both individuals and small businesses are available at the company.

Personal Loans

No matter you need money for college, a motorhome or whatever you desire, SunTrust offers you various solutions. Select from a wide range of personal loans to find the one that best fits your borrowing needs. Common types of loans for individuals from SunTrust contain the following:

Home Mortgage Loans

SunTrust has a number of affordable home loans that can meet your challenge financing needs, such as fixed/adjustable rate loans, government loans, Jumbo mortgages, construction/renovation loans, affordable lending programs with very low down payment and specialty/niche lending.

Auto Loans

SunTrust can make your vehicle purchase simple and hassle-free. Its auto loans feature competitive interest rate, quick approval, flexible repayment terms and appealing interest rate reduction.

Motorhome and RV Loans

Always want to hit the road in a motorhome or RV? Get your dreams fulfilled with SunTrust motorhome or RV loans. They come with flexible repayment options and terms that can be tailored to better fit your budget. The maximum loan term ranges from 120 months to 240 months. And the APR is about 5.50-5.75%.

Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

SunTrust equity loans are probably the way to go when you exactly know how much you need. They highlight predictable payment schedule and fixed APR. But if you prefer a more flexible option, give a thought to equity lines, which boast revolving, interest only and fixed rate repayment solutions.

Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

This is a wise way to finance your home improvement or repair projects and pay unexpected bills. You can choose a revolving line of credit allowing you to tap into as needed or obtain a loan with fixed interest rate and monthly payment.

Education Loans

Seeking for ways to tackle the education expenses conundrum? Let SunTrust help you out. If your savings and scholarships cannot cover all your college expenses, consider getting a student loan from SunTrust. Its Academic Answer and Custom Choice Loans are specially designed to suite student’s needs, available to both undergraduate and graduate students who have enrolled at any eligible school for at least half-time.

Physician Loans

With the special needs of doctors, dentists and pharmacists in mind, SunTrust provides several physician loans to help professionals consolidate their credit card debt or cover their living expenses as well as relocation costs. More amazingly, this type of personal loans comes with no application or origination fees.

Marine and Boat Loans

It must be an exciting experience to cruise rivers, lakes or oceans with your family members in your own boat. Take advantage of SunTrust’s marine and boat loans to get a boat. You will not need to pay any points, service charges or fees.

Loans for Small Business

To better serve small business owner, SunTrust offers a diverse array of business loans with favorable and flexible terms, in addition to excellent cash flow management services and other business services. They are ideal ways to cover most of your financing needs.

• Take a SunTrust Small Business Loan to boost your business. No matter you are planning to build a new facility, expand your existing business or stockpile inventory, you can find a right business loan or lines of credit at this company. SunTrust can provide you with low interest rate as well as flexible repayment terms.

• Partnered with the US Small Business Administration, SunTrust provides small business owners with SBA Loans which are perfect for entrepreneurs to start, grow or bolster their businesses. SBA financing available at SunTrust include SBA Express Loans and Lines of Credit, SBA Patriot Express Loans, SBA 504 Loans, SBA 7(a) Loans and SBA Export Loans. One of the major features of SBA loans is that borrowers do not need to pay a large amount of down payments.

As for large commercial corporations and institutions, SunTrust also gives financial support. Aside from real estate loans and leases, the company furnishes core credit solutions and asset-based credit solutions. SBA loans are also one of the corporate financing options.

SunTrust Official Website: http://www.suntrust.com

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Doctors can always qualify for various special loan programs in the United States. Many U.S. banks offer physician loans for doctors who need financial help. SunTrust is no exception. Doctors, dentists and pharmacists always have unique financial needs. With physician loans from SunTrust, you can get flexible financing options to help cover your personal and professional expenses. Which to Choose: Home Equity Loan or SunTrust Access 3 Equity Line
When you’re seeking to consolidate debt or fund a major expense, your financial adviser may let you take out a home equity line or loan. Compared to other consumer loans, home equity loans generally offer lower interest rates. In addition, the interest that you pay may be tax-deductible. Let SunTrust Loans Help You Get Through College
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With total assets of $172.6 billion, SunTrust Banks, Inc. provides a broad range of financial products to its customers through its flagship subsidiary – SunTrust Bank. Committed to offering services that meet your particular needs, exceed your expectations and enhance your lives, SunTrust can be one of the most reliable providers of personal loans.

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