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Whether college or university is just around the corner or still long way off, higher education is a sweet dream for most of us. To survive in today’s world, receiving education is very important and necessary. But sometimes things are beyond your control, like financial situation. Fortunately, there’re many sources of funds used for education, such as grants, scholarships and loans.

If you’re considering applying for a student loan, decide on which to take, federal student loans or private loans. Federal student loans typically have much lower interest rates than private student loans. But private student loans do not have limitations on the total amount of the loan. Your lender can offer as much as you need to cover all your costs. Be aware that a reliable lender is of great importance. Salle Mae is a good option and provides a variety of private student loans.

An Overview of Sallie Mae

This publically traded corporation mainly focuses on originating, serving and collecting student loans. Sallie Mae is the No.1 financial services company that specializes in education in the United States. Originally, the company offered federal student loans under the Federal Family Loan Program. But it only offers private student loans currently. Sallie Mae is proud to help 25 million customers and turn their education dreams into reality.

Sallie Mae provides various innovative solutions for families to save, plan and pay for college. A large array of products and services is available, including college savings programs, education loans, online banking, tuition insurance and scholarship search tools. Special financial services are also provided to federal & state governments and hundreds of college campuses as well. Best of all, Sallie Mae provides various private student loans for the needed.

• Smart Option Student Loan

Students who attend an eligible school and are enrolled in an eligible program can apply for this type of student loan. Sallie Mae offers borrowers up to 100% of their school certified costs of education with a minimum of $1,000. Smart Option Student Loan also features competitive interest rates that range from 2.25% APR to 9.88% APR. Borrowers do not need to pay any origination fees or repayment penalties. As for the loan repayment, you can choose from three repayment options: interest repayment, fixed repayment and deferred repayment.

• Career Training Smart Option Student Loan

If you have received scholarships and federal loans, the Career Training Smart Option Student Loan is a great way to pay for school. Just like Smart Option Student Loans, you can borrow a maximum of 100% of your school-certified costs used for education. The variable APR is from 8% to 13.76%. Borrowers only have two repayment plans. You can either choose interest repayment option or fixed repayment option.

• Bar Study Loan

Are you interested in bar study? Sallie Mae provides Bar Study Loan for people to prepare for the bar financially. Therefore you can concentrate on your studies. Take advantage of the Bar Study Loan and you can get money for your bar exam costs that are not covered by federal student loan programs, like bar exam deposits & fees and bar review course fees. Your loan can be repaid at any time without penalty.

Sallie Mae also provides many other types of student loans, such as Tutorial Financing Loan, K-12 Family Education Loan, Dental Residency & Relocation Loan and Global Health Residency & Relocation Loan. If you cannot decide which loan is right for you, you can either send an email or call 877-279-7172. To increase your chances of getting approved, you can get a consigner to help you. You may be eligible for a lower interest rate with good credit history.

Sallie Mae Official Website: http://www.salliemae.com

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Knowing Your Choices for Sallie Mae Student Loans

Paying for college education is not that easy any more. With rising tuition fees and living expenses that come with college life, it’s quite difficult for many students to make ends meet. If you do not have a chunk of cash or enough savings to finance your higher education, applying for a student loan can defer the economic pressures until graduation. Sallie Mae is a 100% good helper if you need money for financing your continued education.

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