About Regions Bank

Established in 1971, Regions Bank is a full-service institution with a full range of financial products and services including asset management, trust, insurance, mortgage banking as well as securities brokerage. Plus, the bank features 1,900 offices and 2,400 ATMs throughout the whole nation. Today, the bank enjoys the privilege of being the eighth largest bank in America with $140 billion assets.

The fast development of Regions Bank is largely own to acquisitions over the past ten years. Regions Bank continues to be reliable and stable despite the tough financial crisis. Choosing the Regions Bank financial products and services will be sure to make your personal account easy and effective to reach. Ideally, locations of this bank remain the most convenient to deposit and secure your money. What is more, Regions Bank usually runs promotions to encourage customers to open new accounts and increase deposits. For instance, the Life Green student account with a two-year agreement comes with the promise of a free smartphone.

Regions Online Banking

The online banking services of Regions Bank make it possible for people to reach their account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Taking advantage of the online banking to check your account balances, transfer funds and pay bills will be sure to make your economic life more convenient and efficient. The Regions online banking features the following items which include everything you need to manage your finances. Above all, they are totally free.

  •  Bill pay
  •  Western union online money transfer
  •  Quicken
  •  Online banking statements
  •  Getting started guide
  •  Service agreement
  •  Mobile banking
  •  Same day payment
  •  Regions personal pay

Loans and Credit Cards of Regions Bank

Getting a credit card from Regions Bank will bring you tons of shopping convenience. Almost all the shopping malls and stores accept the card of Regions. Besides, customers with Regions credit card can enjoy 24-hour secure online banking services through fiacardservice.com. The following is something useful concerning the benefits of the card.

  •  Redeem for rewards with as few as 2,500 points
  •  The reward points have no limit
  •  With this card, people are able to enjoy an incredible variety of point redemption options
  •  Advanced fraud protection will secure you a reliable account status
  •  Redeem for cash and deposits all your rewards into your Regions checking or savings account directly
  •  For every dollar in net retail purchase, you can earn one point
  •  Customer services can be reached whenever and wherever an internet access can be connected

As for the Regions Bank loans, customers have many options to choose from according to their actual financial needs. Auto loans, student loans as well as personal installment loans are all available to the bank’s clients.

1. Personal installment loans can be classified into three types, namely, personal unsecured loans, cash secured loans and collateral secured loans. For people who don’t offer any cash or fixed assets as collaterals can apply for up to 25% of their annual gross income. For the other two loan applicants, they can apply for more money because they guarantee to offer collaterals.

2. The flexible term and competitive rates of the Regions auto loan may be the main reason accounting for its popularity. Main products are as follows.

  • – New car financing
  • – Used car financing
  • – Borrow up to 110% on new car
  • – Rate discounts available

3. Best designed for students who have financial difficulties in completing their higher education, Regions Bank student loan charges no origination fee and prepayment penalty. Here are many repayment options for their student clients.

  • – Prepay their loan
  • – Choose an in-school or after school repayment options which can fits their situation
  • – Principle and interest payments begin after the half-a-year separation period
  • – Making principle and interest payment while in school

Regions Bank Official Website: http://www.regions.com

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Taking a Loan from Regions Bank

Located in the southern portion of the United States, Regions bank which is a major financial institution in that area provides both individual and corporate services to their customers. It is reported that there are more than 2,000 branch banks and 2,400 ATMs throughout the whole nation. At the same time, this bank has become the eighth largest bank in the United States with total assets approaching $140 billion. Thus, taking a loan from this bank will be a good choice due to their financial power.

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