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Pioneer Services has been serving the military community of the Armed Forces for over 20 years. More than 1.3 million military families have benefited from the superior products and services offered by Pioneer Services, including unsecured loans, savings and financial education.

Becoming a military division of MidCountry Financial Corp, a billion diversified financial services holding company in 2007, Pioneer Services is now placed in an even better position to serve military customers by offering more traditional banking services, protection and security with the efficiency and quality members mostly need.


Pioneer Services constantly offers high quality loans that not only meet members’ needs but also come at a competitive price. You are free to return the loans within 15 days if you can find a better deal or are just dissatisfied. No questions will be asked, no fees will be charged.

You can always rely on Pioneer Services to secure the funds you need, whether it is to buy a new home, to manage debt, to eliminate credit card payments or prepare for deployment.

• Standard Loan

You don’t have to pledge any of your assets as collateral to secure a standard loan. All you need to do is make fixed monthly payments on time in the life of the loan. Standard loan features

  • 1) 500 dollars to 10,000 dollars of loan funds
  • 2) Up to 36-month terms
  • 3) Competitive interest rates
  • 4) Available to all military ranks and branches

• Specialty Loans

Specialty loan products are developed to help meet the needs of military families. It is consisted of Bereavement Loan, Home Leave Assistance Loan, Disaster Relief Loan, Convalescent Loan and Help Loan.

Bereavement Loan provides financial aids when you are coping with a family emergency or the loss of a family member. You will receive priority processing once you get the direct referral from your commander or the Red Cross. Bereavement Loan has an interest fee of up to 1,000 dollars for three months and a fixed 9.95 percent APR if you need a longer term.

Home Leave Assistant Loan provides the funds you need to reunite with family after deployment, such as airfare fees, gas or other necessities while you are on the road. It features

  • 1) Up to 1,000 dollars at 9.95 APR
  • 2) Access for active-duty military members of all ranks participating in the current R & R program in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • 3) Access for spouses of service members having General Power of Attorney
  • 4) Priority processing of application

Financial Education

Pioneer Services offers every military family free and award-winning financial education to help them manage household budgets. You can make full use of its wide collection of materials in different formats in a self-paced learning model.

Fast and convenient, the award-winning audio podcasts gives you the opportunity to learn about the tips and tools you need by listening through its online player, downloading an MP3 or visiting its page on iTunes.

You can also read the many articles covering budgeting, new federal credit card regulations, saving, deployment and more.

Financial calculators, Military Spouse Finance Guide, Credit Repair Resource Center are all at your disposal.

All of this would only take you a few minutes, but the information you get can help you gain a lifetime financial success.

Pioneer Official Website: http://www.thepioneerwoman.com

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Pioneer Military Loans – Smart Choices for You Pioneer Services, a division of MidCountry Bank, is a finance company specializing in providing unsecured loans, promoting financial literacy and other services to members of the Armed Forces. Tracing its roots to 1932, Pioneer has served the military community exclusively for more than 25 years and helped over 1.3 million military families meet their financial goals.

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