About Ocwen

As a leading asset management provider with mortgage or loan services designed for residents and commercial use over 20 years, Ocwen Financial Corporation is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2010, Ocwen’s total service volume had reached to $56 billion, which has made it a fourth subprime server. Recently, it has become a biggest subprime mortgage server in the U.S. after the acquisition of Litton Loan from Goldman Sachs together with Saxon Mortgage Services from Morgan Staley. With mortgage assets over 500,000, its branches are stretched to West Palm Beach, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, etc. Boasting of first-class training and global resources, Ocwen is devoted to offering the best solutions for borrowers with diversified loans.

Ocwen’s Loan Business

Ocwen takes the pride in leadership role in loans markets and helps million of families to keep their homes. Its loan business insists working with home owners to reach the common goal which includes keeping the stability of housing market values and keeping the best performing of the loans. Ocwen is an expert on estimating loss mitigation programs case by case and the success of its loan products is based on the investment on both individuals and enterprises. With fifteen centers around the world, Ocwen presents various programs to help home owners who want to minimize the costs for their home loans.

Loan Services Features

Ocwen’s business mainly concentrates on subprime mortgage loans. With abundant loans resources provided, Ocwen takes unique chances through continued consolidation on private servicing and special servicing which includes the experience of dealing with the most complex loans. With endeavor for a few years, the dedicated loan service makes Ocwen an expert on non-performing loans, CMBS and REO assets. The features of its service can be concluded as below.

  •  With over 25 years of experience, Ocwen has non-performing assets managers and can manage your loans directly or indirectly under your name.
  •  The loans along with efficient servicing process bring borrowers high performance rates and relationship management.
  •  The servicing system of Ocwen guarantees the accuracy of billing, taxes, insurance and the verification of loan information or accurate review.
  •  The servicing platform utilizes default tracking and enhances the quality of service process and the contact through automated letters.
  •  It offers best resolutions on any types of non-performing loan with dual track process.
  •  Ocwen takes all measures to lower default through some loan enforcement measures including foreclosure and cash flow controlling.
  •  Ocwen has the ability to guide borrowers to efficient results and maintain the domestic management resources control or oversights.

For more questions related to mortgage services you can contact with professionals in Ocwen personally or make a phone call at (800) 390-4656 or (800) 241-9960.

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Ocwen’s Modification and Financial Expanding Programs

Approved by the Treasury Department, the Ocwen’s modification program is to provide eligible homeowners with loan modification approvals. With federal plan available, Ocwen will guarantee the cash incentive program to be applied well for borrowers, which means it would cut down the probability of getting involved in the foreclosure for loan borrowers.

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