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Key Bank is one of the major lenders in the USA who specialize in a variety of innovative educational products and services to help students plan, budget and pay for college. The college planning center in Key Bank will offer powerful loan calculators and loan comparison tools to assist students in choosing their proper loans.

With Key Bank student loans, students can realize their dreams of completing the college education. Key Bank offers a series of student loan programs to fund their further education. Students not only can apply for federal loan programs, but also have access to several private loans.

Federal Student Loans Offered by Key Bank

As long as you apply for federal student loans from Key Bank, you will enjoy these benefits brought by the loans and superior security which Key Bank ensures at the same time. Federal loan packages include federal Stafford loan and parent plus loan. You can make choices between subsidized or unsubsidized federal Stanford loan based on your needs. Federal parent plus loan is specially designed for those students whose parents will provide financial assistance. The loan features low interest rates. The borrowers can defer their repayments when they are enrolled in another degree program after their graduation. The loan includes various repayment options, including extended, graduated, income-standard or standard which will allow the borrowers to make repayments based on their actual situation.

Private Student Loans Offered by Key Bank

Federal fund can’t cover all these expenses required by the college because of the high tuitions. Therefore, students always turn to private loans for help. Key Bank has many private loan options to satisfy various needs of professional degree seekers and general undergraduate students. All these loans have low interest rates and no extra fees.

The Key Career Loan

The Key Career Loan will allow these undergraduate and graduate students to attend approved institutions or colleges on part-time or full-time basis, including evening, weekend or continuing educational programs.

The Achiever Loan

The Achiever Loan is one of the most comprehensive and useful loans for students and is designed for students whose parents will help them pay for college. There’re law achiever loan, med achiever loan and dental assistance loan for students of certain majors. There’s not any application or processing fee charged by Key Bank. The applicant can borrow the amount of money which can cover the total cost of tuition. There’s a grace period of 9 months for law and med achiever loan borrowers after graduation while dental assistance loans offer a grace period of up to 12 months. The achiever loan allows students defer their payments as long as they are enrolled in any important professional programs of their fields after they graduate from colleges.

The Key Alternative Loan

If your federal student loans don’t cover all the required expenses, the Key Alternative Loan is a suitable option to make up the gap. The Key Alternative Loan has the limit of $500 to $ 125,000. Money will be directly sent to your college. The loan requires the applicant to have at least a good credit score and be enrolled at least part time. The application process is smooth and easy.

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Loan Programs Offered by Keybank

Key Bank is one of the major lenders in the USA who specialize in a variety of innovative products, smart solutions or excellent services. Several loan programs or options are designed to meet various financial needs of people or guarantee your interests.

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