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A loan is, technically, a type of debt which entails the redistribution of financial assets between the lender and borrower. The borrower initially receives money, the principal, from the lender and has to pay back an equal amount plus the interest to the lender later. In real life, people borrow money, or get loans, for various reasons, and the principal they get, the interest rate, repayment period and amount all differ from one to another.

To meet the varied demands of customers, ING Bank, a multinational financial company headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, launches a wide range of loan products and services, including home loan, home equity loan, business loan, student loan, auto loan and many more. In ING Direct (the operating name of ING Bank in the US), customers can get home loan service online, over the phone and by mail all the year round.

The most convenient way to get ING home loan is to apply online, whether you are purchasing a house or refinancing for your current home. You just need to provide some info about yourself, about the property, the amount you want to borrow, the monthly payment and your solutions, to get the money you want. If you are eligible, you can submit a formal application and the required documentation for evaluation. The whole process will be completed 3-5 days before the closing date.

ING offers home loan with an initial fixed rate which will adjust up or down a maximum of 2 percentage points each year after the fixed rate period. Over the life of the loan, the rate can increase not more than 6%. Of course, the rate may also remain unchanged depending on the financial situation at the end of each period. ING also offers free 60-day rate guarantee on purchase and 45 days on refinances, which means your rate is protected.

You can finance for single family homes, condo/town houses, vacation homes and other property. As to down payment, you need at least a 20% down payment for a primary residence, and 25% for vacation home. You have 30 years to pay off the loan in general.

Getting loan from ING is a simple and straightforward process with the clients doing their best to make everything smooth for you. ING home loan is also beneficial to borrowers in many other aspects, such as:

1) Low rates. ING loan features low rate and no “points”, which help save thousands of dollars. Besides, you can also have the flexibility to explore your options at any time over the life of the loan.

2) Low closing costs. ING charges no application fee, and it guarantees to show you all estimated closing costs, so that you can have a clear idea about the total amount you have to pay.

3) Easy and quick application. All the processes are done online, which saves both time and money.

4) Varied payment options. Electronic payment every two weeks is available to enable you to pay off the debt sooner.

ING Bank Official Website: http://www.ingdirect.com

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