About Great Lakes

Known as a great nonprofit organization in the United States, Great Lakes Corporation provides financial and operational support with more than $540 assets. Billing itself as one of the nation’s leading issuers of student loans, the famous firm employs more than twelve thousand professionals throughout the entire country.

After its establishment, Great Lakes was always trying its best to offer all the members quality financial products with more favorable customer services as well as much lower service fees compared with other competing financial institutions. At Great Lakes we can find a wide variety of financial products with very low interest rates but quite high savings rates.

One of the most favorable services from Great Lakes is loan. Great Lakes deals with many kinds of different loans featuring quite low interest rates and flexible payment terms. This corporation is aimed to satisfy all the possible lending needs with quality loan services.

Loan Products at Great Lakes

Great Lakes loans come in a wide selection of varieties. Whether you want to buy a home, get a car or need a personal loan, you will always enjoy ultimate flexibility and convenience at Great Lakes. Now let’s learn something about the available loans at Great Lakes:

Vehicle Loans – Great Lakes vehicle loans can be used for new and used cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and many other vehicles. Other recreational vehicles such as boats, travel trailers and others are also included. We can enjoy up to 90% financing for buying new and used recreational vehicles with Great Lakes vehicle loans.

Mortgages – Great types of mortgage at Great Lakes include fixed rate mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage, VA mortgage, jumbo mortgage and bridge loan. We can get 15, 20, 30, and 40-year fixed rate mortgage at Great Lakes as well as 1 year, 3/1, and 5/1 adjustable rate mortgage. The total sum for Great Lakes jumbo mortgage can be as much as $1000000. VA mortgage allows 100% financing on the value of the home you are going to buy. Bridge loan provides quick cash assistance for all the applicants.

Personal Loans – A typical product of Great Lakes personal loans is credit card. Great Lakes allows you to make purchases on anything you want without any collateral. Besides, the payday loan rate is very low.

Business Loans – We can also get easy access to many quality loans at Great Lakes. This company has nice terms loans, business line of credit and commercial real estate loans for the convenience of all the customers. Whether you need to finance your business equipments, build new facilities or need help for existing property, Great Lakes is always happy to offer you favorable loans with competitive interest rates.

Home Equity Loans – Great Lakes home equity loans give you a lot of benefits and convenience while buying new homes. With a home equity loan, you can get your new house with very little down payment and low interest monthly payments. The interest rate for Great Lakes home equity loans is no more than 1% per year with a 6% lifetime cap.

How to Get a Loan from Great Lakes?

To get a loan from Great Lakes, you will have to join Great Lakes membership first. Great Lakes loans are only available for its members. If you do not own a membership, do not worry, you can get your membership through the following processes.

If you meet one of the following requirements, you are able to apply for the membership:

  •  The employee of a company or organization on our current list of Select Employee Groups (SEGs)
  •  Active duty or retired military personnel or reservists
  •  Current or retired federal government employee
  •  Relatives of a current Great Lakes members

By completing a membership application form and depositing at least $5 into your Great Lakes savings account, you can easily get the membership at Great Lakes. Then you are able to enjoy all the products and services available at Great Lakes.

Members can get easy access to all the loan products by calling the customer service center number (847)578-7000 or searching Great Lakes official web site. Just call the service center or browse the “Loan” on the official web site and state your desire to obtain by filling in your personal information. Basically, most applicants will successfully get their preferred loans at Great Lakes.

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