About Fannie Mae

Widely known by the name, Fannie Mae is an abbreviation form of the Federal National Mortgage Association. As the powerful financial giant and barometer of American economy, Fannie Mae is considered to be a largest mortgage institution along with Freddie Mac which affects the tens of millions of natives’ lives. As one of the largest government-sponsored enterprise which is set up by U.S. congress, Fannie Mae mainly charges the liquidity and stability in the secondary market. Its main responsibilities include transferring the mortgage loans of primary mortgage market into its mortgage backed securities and purchasing the mortgage and relevant securities for its mortgage portfolio.

Preferential Policies

Under the surveillance of government, Fannie Mae provides home loan support for low or middle class U.S. homeowners. As a big taxpayer in U.S. with $417,000 purchasing home loans from mortgage companies, Fannie Mae provides aids to homeowners with low loan payment and loose rules on their purchasing homes. Specifically speaking, it abolishes some requirements on loans application process, lowers down the credit scores and documentation requirement for applicants.

• Foreclosures Homes

The mission of Fannie Mae is to promote stability, liquidity for housing market in the secondary mortgage market. The foreclosure was taken back by the FNMA (Federal National Mortgage Association) in the depression and FNMA has performed the mission to stimulate the American sluggish economy and offered financial support to debtors on loans.

Fannie Mae presented buyer incentive programs which is aimed to stimulate the quick sales of foreclosure homes. For home buyers, these attractive programs which are taken over by government can be purchased for its low costs and tolerant interest rates. Plus, it requires a relatively low down payment and there is no appraisal or PMI (private mortgage insurance) required. These added benefits save hundreds of dollars for homebuyers if they choose to buy foreclosure homes. Prior to purchase, home buyers can have a close inspection of the foreclosure homes before the purchase according to Fannie Mae’s suggestion.

• Conforming Loans

Like Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae has set a limitation on loan with maximum size, which is called conforming loan limit. Normally, conforming loan has set a bit lower interest by approximately 1% to 1.5% compared with non-conforming loans.


If you are a homeowner with mortgage business, Fannie Mae presents both face-to-face consultant service and hotline support for homeowners. The Mortgage Help Center is specially set in Fannie Mae for any inquiries from any of you. Any experienced on-site experts can analyze your mortgage direction and give you suggestion according to your financial status. The bilingual services from its staffs with both English and Spanish are offered for your needs. Plus, all types of services from Mortgage Help Center are free of charge. In case you haven’t applied a loan from Fannie Mae and at the meantime you are urgently involved in the financial abyss, get contact with Fannie Mae or mortgage companies.

Fannie Mae Official Website: http://www.fanniemae.com

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As an enterprise frequented and patronized by the United States Government, Fannie Mae is a powerful financial giant which reflects the America economy. Along with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae is affecting tens of millions of American’s lives. The mission of Fannie Mae is to provide financial help to middle/low-class citizens who have handicaps on purchasing home.

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