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Headquartered in Riverwoods, Illinois in the United States, Discover is known as a top financial services company dealing with various banking and financial products. Housing more than 10300 employees Discover serves millions of customers every year.

Discover was established in the year of 1985 as a subsidiary of Sears, the world famous American chain of department store. It was also a unit of Dean Witter at that time. Then in 2007, the unit was spun off from the Dean Witter as an independent and publicly traded company. From then on, it started doing its own business and now it has developed into the largest credit card brand in the United States.

Although Discover is known as a leading credit card issuer in the world, it still provides some excellent banking services, wallet protection plans as well as many loan programs. Nowadays, a loan plays a very important role for both individuals and organizations. Even students need some loans to finish their school careers. Now we will figure out something about Discover loans.

Two Typical Types of Loans Offered by Discover

Actually, there are two different kinds of quality loans available at Discover: one is the common personal loan, and the other is the special student loan. The following is a brief overview on the details of these two types of Discover loans.

Personal Loans – Discover personal loan can be used for many things. It is a typical unsecured installment loan than can be used to pay for anything you want, including some unexpected expenses. You can use the money to buy a new house, buy a new car, renovate your existing home, and get accessories for your motorbikes as well as something the like. The company has a strict limitation on the total amount of personal loans: all the people can get a loan with no more than $25000 at Discover. And there is no short term allowed here. Available terms for Discover loans range from 36 months to 84 months.

Student Loans – Student can also find their desirable loans at Discover. Discover student loans can be sued to pay off education tuition, living expenses and other necessary expenditures in school. Student loans in Discover include undergraduate student loans, health professional loans, MBA loans, graduate student loans and law loans. All these nice loans feature flexible terms and very low interest rates.

Basic Features of Discover Loans

All the loans in Discover, no matter personal loans or student loans, share the following features (this is why you should choose Discover loans):

  •  Fixed monthly payment
  •  Very low interest rate
  •  Flexible loan terms
  •  No annual fee
  •  No collateral required
  •  No penalty for early repayment

Where to Get a Loan from Discover?

People who want a loan from Discover can apply for their preferred loan via the following four methods:

• Call on the phone: people can get in touch with Discover loan service center by calling 1-877-728-3030 (between 8:00 am and midnight).

• Mail by fax: Discover accepts applications by fax on 1-877-239-8214.

• By mail: Student loan applicants can send their applicants to Customer Service, Discover Student Loans, PO Box 30947, Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0947. Personal loan mail address is Discover Personal Loans, P.O. Box 30954, Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0954.

• By e-mail: Discover also allows online application at its official web site discover.com. You can search this web site, complete an online application form and then send it to the online service center. They will deal with your application when they receive your e-mail.

Discover Official Website: http://www.discover.com

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