About Citizens Bank

Established in 1931, Citizens bank is originally a community bank which named the High Street Bank headquartered in Rhode Island. As a commercial bank holding company with $132 billion assets, Citizens Bank boasts over 1,500 braches with approximately 3,900 ATMs and 20,900 employees. Its business had reached to 12 states and offices in 40 states.

Citizens Bank is striving to present the right loans and guiding you to the right financial direction to meet your individual needs. The friendly, efficient and designed service from all branches of Citizens Bank offers you personalized attention.

In addition, Citizens Bank tailors you with personalized loan service with hand picked loan officers who can give you advice on loan amount, rate, schedule and terms. In Citizens Bank, a loan application form can be approved in a short period.

Personal Loans

With a variety of loan options provided, Citizens Bank can assist you to enhance your purchasing ability and make your dream of purchasing a home or vehicles comes true. In Citizens Bank, you don’t need to worry about redundant application process as there is streamlined decision process to help you to a quick financial decision.

  •  Personal Consumer Loans

It mainly can be divided into two types, flexible fixed payment loan and simple interest loan. The former one with fixed payment is easy for Citizens Bank to select schedule and the later one can save money as long as you can afford early payments.

  •  Home Equity Loans

This loan from Citizens Bank can be used as home improvement loan. Its fixed rate allows you to save 0.50% loan discount on condition that the payment is deducted from your Citizens Bank account.

Business Loans

There are different types of needs of different businesses. Sometimes you need a financing support whatever stage you are in. With financing support for an array of business needs, Citizens Bank is dedicated to making a reasonable financing plan to help your business decisions. In Citizens Bank, the qualified financial professionals can assist you with your best financing programs. These financing programs are listed as following.

  •  Small Business Administration Loans

Citizens Bank works hard on this type of loan with using all loan sources to guide a best solution for your business. It offers a list of benefits for business, for example, it allows an extended term of 20 years for construction or purchase of commercial real estate with no renewal costs and balloon payments. The lowest down payment can be as little as 10% with more flexibility.

  •  Commercial Construction Loans

The cost of this type of loan is thoughtfully decided and monitored by Citizens Bank’s experts. The interest will be paid on the construction progress.

  •  Equipment Terms Loans

It has flexible and fixed terms for you to choose, the flexible terms range from 2 years to 7 years according to the types of equipment. Citizens Bank allows a full financing for purchasing new equipment.

  •  Commercial Mortgage Loans

Likewise, this type of loan also allows fixed and flexible rates. The amortization and flexible terms are based on real estate type.

Citizens Bank Official Website: http://www.citizensbank.com

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Student Loan Products from Citizens Bank

As a community bank with $132 billion assets, Citizen Bank is dedicated to offering individuals or businesses best financial solutions and financial aids. It shortens the unnecessary process of loan application and provides the efficient service to a personalized attention. For students who have problems to pay off the tuition fees or other expenditures in colleges, Citizen Bank offers them helps to fill the financial gaps.

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