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If there seems to be a long way to go towards making your college life without monetary pressure, it’s time for you to consider Citibank student loans.

Attending college may ensure you the access to a rewarding career, but meanwhile, it might have you financially stranded, as the college education is really a pricey endeavor today! When federal financial aid fails to cover your extra college expenses, Citibank student loans will enable you to pursue further education with need-based financial assistance.

Why Citibank?

Citibank, established in 1812, is the subsidiary of the financial giant Citigroup, the nation’s third largest bank holding company by total assets. Serving as a world-recognized bank, Citibank has over 1,400 banking offices throughout the US and its convenient online banking network has delivered unbeatable services to over 15 million customers.

At Citibank, you will be surprised to find such a full line of student loans – making your educational goals much easier to attain. Student loans from Citibank is known as CitiAssist loans, and they may vary a little depending on the state you live in and the type of degree you want to pursue, undergraduate, graduate or health professions.

Citibank knows choosing the college is an important decision in your life. Whenever you find your federal financial aid can not cover your education expenses, CitiAssist loans stand by to help you invest in your future, no matter you are a full- or part-time student. The features include: (a minimum amount of $1,000 is required for each CitiAssist loan)

  •  Varied interest rates based on the students’ credit scores
  •  $0 origination fees
  •  0.25% reduction off the interest rate with Citibank’s auto-debit payment program
  •  No payment while you are in school
  •  Flexible repayment terms (up to 15 years for undergraduate loan, 20 years for graduate loan, up to 25 years for health professions loan, and 20 years for bar exam loan)

CitiAssist Undergraduate & Graduate Loans

For students seeking undergraduate or graduate degrees, Citibank offers private loans to cover your full college cost or additional expenses that your federal aid or scholarship doesn’t fund. Books, computers, supplies, tuition fees and other kinds of educational expenses associated with college study can be covered by a CitiAssist Undergraduate or Graduate loan. To be eligible to apply, you should meet the following requirements:

  •  Enroll into an undergraduate or graduate program at an accredited college or university in the US
  •  Study as a full-time or part-time student
  •  At least 18 years old as an international student, with a creditworthy co-signer who is a citizen of the US or permanent resident

(With a co-signer bearing good credit, your chance of approval and even a lower interest rate will be enhanced.)

If you qualify for CitiAssist loans, you are able to borrow up to total cost of your annual education minus any financial aid you have received. Undergraduates can get up to $120,000 while graduates $150,000. A 6-month grace period is given upon your graduation.

CitiAssist Health Professions & CitiAssist Residency, Relocation, and Review Loans

As a health professions student, you will get to know how high the education cost can be! To smooth your way towards a bright and meaningful future, Citibank offers a wealth of student loans to ensure your financing.

To qualify, you must be a full-or part-time graduate student enrolled into an accredited school in the following healthcare fields: allopathy, dentistry, optometry, osteopathy, pharmacy, podiatry, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, or nursing. Plus, a CitiAssist Residency, Relocation and Review loan will be available to your application from your final school year to up to 6 months after graduation.

The total amount you can borrow throughout your entire academic learning is up to $275,000 for the disciplines of allopathy, osteopathy, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine. In addition, you can borrow an extra $18,000 to cover board review courses, relocation and residency interviews.

The total amount you can borrow throughout your entire academic career is up to $180,000 for the following disciplines: physician’s assistant, nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

CitiAssist Law & CitiAssist Bar Exam Loans

To be eligible for Citibank loans for law students, you must be a part- or full-time graduate law student in an accredited school. The CitiAssist Bar Exam Loans are available from your third year to the final year in school and additional 12 months after graduation. A student can borrow up to the annual education cost less any financial aid he/she has received. A lifetime amount of $180,000, plus an additional $15,000, is available to cover the expenses associated to the bar exam.

If you are currently seeking loans to fund your education and have questions about CitiAssist student loans, call 800-967-2400 to consult.

CitiBank Official Website: http://www.citibank.com

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