About Chase Bank

Known to the world as the biggest bank in the United States by assets and market capitalization, Chase has served millions of customers after its foundation in 1799. Headquartered at Chicago Tower in Chicago Loop in Illinois, this national bank offers more than fifty-one hundred branches and sixteen thousand ATMs throughout our country.

As a leading commercial banking corporation, Chase deals with a wide selection of favorable services to satisfy all the consumers from various states and many countries. Chase’s business scopes include personal banking services such as checking and savings, retirement and investment products as well as many quality personal lending services.

Loans are among the most important services offered by Chase. No matter what kinds of loans you are seeking for, you will always figure out your desirable one at Chase. Read on and learn more about Chase loans.

What Are the Available Loan Products at Chase?

Chase bank is on the list of the Big Four banks of the United States and has a wide range of wonderful loan options for various customers. Basically, Chase bank provides five different kinds of loans: auto loans, home equity loans, mortgage, refinance solutions as well as student loans.

The following is a brief introduction to some details about these loans.

Auto Loans

Chase auto loans can help you buy or repair many kinds of vehicles, such as new cars, used cars, small trucks, SUVs and even mini-vans. You can use the loans to buy a new car, or do anything else for your car. Chase auto loans have some limitation on the used cars: used vehicles must not be five years older than current model year. Besides, used cars should also have less than 75000 miles.

Home Equity Loans

Chase home equity loans are available on home improvements, home remodeling and other financing activities associated with your houses. With a home equity loan, you can get your new homes with less down payments as well as lower interest rates. Sometimes you do not need to pay for your house improvement expenditures.


No matter you are thinking to buy a new home, a new car, or something else, you will obtain much help from Chase mortgages. No matter you are a first time home buyer or an experienced one, Chase always has satisfactory lending solutions for you. Fixed rate mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage, jumbo mortgage and FHA mortgage are all available for you with low interest rates.

Refinance Solutions

There are also many great refinance solutions at Chase to satisfy the typical needs of some customers. Actually, these refinance solutions are mostly home loans and mortgage products. The terms for these loans range from ten years to forty years with very low interest rates. Some loans do not have limitation for credits, that is, even people with no credits can apply for such loans.

Student Loans

Chase also offers huge financial assistance for students. This bank has quality student loan programs for undergraduates, graduate students and graduate health professions students. Students can use the money to pay off education tuitions, living costs and other necessary expenditures.

Chase Official Website: http://www.chase.com

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With more and more individuals are buying their own vehicles, auto loans now become very popular in recent years. However, as there are so many kinds of auto loans in the market, we may not know which one to choose. Don’s worry! Here we will recommend a top auto loan offer in the United States- Chase bank.

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